Apr 20–23, 2006

Dance Congress Germany

Knowledge in motion

Speeches, talks, working groups and lecture demonstrations

Next year, a Dance Congress will be held in Germany for the first time since the days of the Weimar Republic. Like its historical predecessor, it will be a gathering of experts from the fields of dance, choreography, education, criticism, science, production and cultural policy. Held under the motto ‘Knowledge in Movement’, the Congress will explore the relationship between dance, culture and imparting knowledge. The focal point will be the artistic interests and positions of choreographers and dancers and their favourite work formats and processes.

In speeches, talks, working groups and lecture demonstrations, over one hundred renowned experts from Germany and abroad will be presenting discussion topics that are forward-looking and of practical relevance. Among those invited are André Lepecki, Susanne Linke, Sarat Maharaj, Royston Maldoom, Vladimir Malhakov, Colleen Neary, Lisa Nelson, Alva Noé, Helmut Ploebst, Irene Sieben and Christiane Theobald.

The international perspective from all five continents presents dance – with its unique cultural potential – as a receptacle and medium of knowledge and shows that dance embodies a specific form of knowledge that is bound to the body and movement.

The congress is aimed not only at professionals and theoreticians working in the area of dance, but also offers all dance enthusiasts a lively and forum where they can feel free to inform themselves, exchange ideas and engage in discussions.

A comprehensive accompanying programme at diverse venues in Berlin presents works by Sasha Waltz, the Staatsballett Berlin, Martin Nachbar and Jochen Roller, Jérôme Bel, as well as an interactive installation by William Forsythe at Potsdamer Platz.

The Congress opens with a choreography by William Forsythe and the project Black Market for Useful Knowledge and Non-Knowledge by Hannah Hurtzig.

More information: tanzkongress.de

A Federal Cultural Foundation event in cooperation with the House of World Cultures