Oct 17–19, 2005

35 mm Persia

A 3-day film festival on the history and archaeology of Iran in film, followed by a colloquium.


During the past few decades, Iran has developed a documentary film language of its own that departs radically from Western film traditions. The archaeological sites serve as a constant for showing the development of cinematic representation and interpretation by Iranian and European directors. The comparison of European and Iranian films on this theme will not only be critically analysed, but also discussed in detail.

The festival aims to examine various aspects of presenting archaeology from different points of view. It also raises the question of how these presentations are used as backgrounds to people’s dreams or as historical identification models.

Organised by:
Deutsches Archäologisches Institut, Eurasien-Abteilung
Dr. Barbara Helwing und Patricia Rahemipour
Im Dol 2-6, Haus II
14195 Berlin

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