Jul 1–11, 2011

Al-Halqa Kinetics

Jul 1–11, 2011

Opening Jun 30, 2011

Every day, the Djemaa El Fna, “Hangman’s Square” in Marrakesh, is the scene of new performances by streets artists and actors who bring the market square to life with dance, song, story-telling, acrobatics, conjuring tricks and fortune-telling.

The audiences surround the performers and narrators in circles called “Halqas” to enjoy their talents and artistry. Since 2001, the square has been listed as a UNESCO Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

The walk-in spatial sculpture by Thomas Ladenburger and Hannes Nehls transforms these performances and uses projection, light, film and acoustic technology to make them topical and accessible in a new way.

For more information visit the project’s Web site www.alhalqa-kinetics.com.

Supported by: Die Kulturstiftung des Bundes