Feb 2–7, 2010

transmediale.10 - Futurity now!

Festival for art an digital culture Berlin

Conference, exhibition, award, film & video, performance
Feb 2–7, 2010

In February the entire House will be transformed into a time zone all its own as the trusted boundaries between past, present and future are suspended under the motto FUTURITY NOW! The transmediale.10 festival will illuminate the notion of futurity and call the 21st century – now our present – into question as the traditional surface for the projection of future dreams, utopias and visions.

At the same time, the development of the internet, the functioning of global networks, open-source methods, and sustainable and mobile technologies will be examined with an eye to timely strategies by which to operate in the fluid present of a global society.

Along with an extensive film and video program, the international symposium "Future Observatory", workshops and artist talks, there is a large performance program and a media art exhibition, conceived by guest curator Honor Harger of New Zealand. Again this year, in a special highlight, the competition winners will receive their prizes: the transmediale Award for outstanding works of art, the Vilém Flusser Theory Award for especially sharp theoretical and critical works.

Also: CTM.10, the 11th edition of club transmediale – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Visual Arts, takes place from 29 January until 6 February. Its theme is “OVERLAP – Sound & Other Media”.