May 5–Nov 17, 2009

WortWelten 2009

Literature Series

The new series WortWelten (Word Worlds) offers authors from around the world a platform to “speak out" and engage in lively discussions that welcome a wide spectrum of opinions and forms. Poetry, Spoken Word, essays along with novels and journalistic works can be heard on stage at WortWelten.

At the same time, WORTWELTEN takes a journey through all genres - prose, poetry, spoken word, drama, and also essays, journalistic and philosophic texts can be heard.

Discursive, controversial and open for new lines of thought and styles, WortWelten reflects the dynamic developments of a globalized world.

At regular intervals, the Haus transforms into a stage for the international literary scene, often in cooperation with publishers and other partners.

WORTWELTEN Days this year are:
5 May 2009: Mohammed Hanif
1 July 2009: On the 'Critique of Arab Reason'
10 September 2009: Feasts of Exile with Malek Alloula
17 November 2009: Reading and talk with Daniel Alarcón and Friederike Meltendorf, winner of the International Literature Award - Haus der Kulturen der Welt