Aug 10–16, 2009

summercamp + workstation = 2009

Laboratory for Art and Media

Workshops, Project residencies, Fellowships

Media artists and theorists invite you to the opening of their project summer camp + workstation = 2009, which offers a wide range of open workshops under the headings: "World as Representation: systems and simulation"; "Re: Discovering Sound"; "Interactivos?"

These workshops are “sensing devices” for exploring new models of work and mediation, catalysts for new ideas, and gauges for measuring their relevance and acceptance. We will outline new approaches, build bridges between disciplines, and most of all, dissolve the alleged barrier between spectators and practitioners. sommercamp + workstation = 2009, should serve as a practical example of how a laboratory for art and media can be realized in Berlin. The four-month project, which includes workshops, project residencies and fellowships for artists and curators, will take place at various locations in Berlin from August to December.

For detailed information about the project: