May 29–Jun 1, 2008


Hip Hop Festival at Café Zapata


Hip Hop Festival 1.0 BERLIN
The first edition of the PROPZ Hip Hop Festival, staged under the motto People Respect Other People Seriously, follows the spread of hip hop culture – originally focused on the Bronx – to Europe.

The festival highlight will be three concert evenings in Cafe Zapata, where the English- and Spanish-speaking Latino Hip Hop crew REBEL DIAZ from the South Bronx encounters the international underground scene in Berlin. Some of Berlin’s most talented virtuosos and freestyle artists, some with Brazilian, Turkish and Anglo-American backgrounds, will be represented here. Like their fellow-performers from the Bronx, they are fans of Conscious Hip Hop – the kind of Rap music that devotes considerable attention to poetry and political and social issues. Most of the crews rap in two or more languages – an expression of the multi-ethnic reality in both cities: New York and Berlin.

In cooperation with the House of World Cultures.

In cooperation with GANGWAY BERLIN e.V., HIP HOP Stützpunkt Berlin, Europaschule „Neues Tor“, Festival für junge Politik, MK ZWO, and ALLCITYSTREETDESIGNS

Initiated by: Katrin Massmann, Joanna Anastassiou-Brix, Café Zapata Booking, Susanne Stemmler, Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, MARK NAISON Fordham University, New York, Olad Aden, Gangway e.V., Berlin, Johannes Erdmann, Ole Solomon Junge