Sep 10–23, 2007

Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007

Asia-Pacific: Changing the World

Exhibition, Installation, Performances, Workshops, Flms, Panels, Readings, Concerts

Through its thematic emphasis "Asia-Pacific: Changing the World", Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007 places questions of global networking in the spotlight. The House of World Cultures is a strategic partner of APW and responsible for the conception, coordination and, in part, communication of its cultural programme. However, the House is also contributing its own programme to APW 2007: in performances, readings, concerts and films, New York: usAsia will explore various aspects of Asian migration to New York and the reciprocal influences that arise out of this cultural encounter.

Initiated by the governing mayor, Asia-Pacific Weeks has taken place in Berlin every two years since 1997. The programme is the leading European platform for culture, business and science for the countries of the Asian-Pacific region. Over 200 events will arouse curiosity and convey information about the region as well as facilitate contacts. The cultural programme of APW 2007 sheds light on the interweaving of cultures that, in Germany as abroad, characterises all areas of life. This cultural intertwining will be made tangible in numerous forms, including a German-Asian fashion showroom, projects in which Asian and Berlin artists work side by side with children and adolescents, concert series featuring the works of European, Indonesian, Filipino and Japanese composers, and a guest international women's film festival.

The House of World Cultures is contributing its own programme to Asia-Pacific Weeks 2007: New York: usAsia.