Looking at Music

© HKW / Spector Books / Olaf Nicolai

Publication series Das Neue Alphabet (The New Alphabet), Volume 8
Editors: Lina Brion und Detlef Diederichsen
Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig, 2021
80 pages, German and English edition
color illustrations, paperback with folded dust cover
ISBN DE: 978-3-95905-491-1
ISBN EN: 978-3-95905-492-8

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The performance of computer-produced music has broken with the codes of the concert: The audience can no longer watch music being created; the causal relationship between gesture and sound has been cut. With laptop performances, a format has emerged in which the audience stares at people staring at screens. Looking at Music asks: What role does visibility play in the experience of music? How important is the live character to the future of music performance? With contributions by Stefanie Alisch, Peter Kirn, Mari Matsutoya, Adam Parkinson, Terre Thaemlitz and TOPLAP

Lina Brion, Detlef Diederichsen

The Crisis of Post-Spectacle “Live” Contemporary Ambient Performance
Terre Thaemlitz

The TOPLAP Manifesto

It’s Incredibly Nerve-Wrecking To Be On Stage and Not Gesture
Peter Kirn, Adam Parkinson alias Dane Law

Joining the Dots—Sketching the Outlines of a Floating Girl
Mari Matsutoya

Looking at Music as Movement
Stefanie Alisch