Channel Power

Publication series Das Neue Alphabet (The New Alphabet), Volume 18
Editors: Detlef Diederichsen, Arno Raffeiner
Publisher: Spector Books, Leipzig
76 pages, German and English edition
color illustrations, paperback with folded dust cover
ISBN DE: 978-3-95905-596-3
ISBN EN: 978-3-95905-597-0
Price: 10 €

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Music is defined by the possibilities and limits of the forms in which it is recorded and disseminated. There could be no “Ode to Joy” without musical notation, no quiet sounds without microphones, no global hits without radio. In the digital age, this is more so than ever, with the result that the work of musicians sometimes serves more as a source of “instant hot water” that can be siphoned off to establish new formats and portals that become the actual show. The situation today is unprecedented, with the channels now making the music. This book tracks their power as the engines defining music: in technical, economic and artistic terms, ranging from recycling and processing systems and digital one-offs to the endless stream of lip sync videos.

With contributions by Khyam Allami, Adriana Amaral, Jessica Ekomane, Agnès Gayraud, Katharina Gschwendtner, Aviv Koriat, Cristina Plett, Reginold Royston and Nathalie Singer

Table of contents:

Detlef Diederichsen, Arno Raffeiner

TikTok Doomerism: An Algorithm and the Revival of Post-Punk through Transcultural Fandom
Adriana Amaral

Rumble Radio
Nathalie Singer, Aviv Koriat

From Coltan to the Cloud: The Ambivalent Circuits of African Viral Dance
Reginold Royston

Golden Ear Channel
Nathalie Singer, Aviv Koriat

In Sync: On the Same Wavelength as Advertising, Games, and Soundtracks
Cristina Plett

Resonance FM
Nathalie Singer, Aviv Koriat

“The ghost of notation is always there.” A Conversation about Channels of Education, Preservation, and Exclusion in Music Making
Khyam Allami, Jessica Ekomane, Agnès Gayraud

Alien Station
Nathalie Singer, Aviv Koriat

Are NFTs The Future of Digital Music?
Katharina Gschwendtner