Cia Rinne

Cia Rinne is a poet, author and artist living in Berlin. She studied philosophy and languages in Frankfurt, Helsinki and Athens. Her multilingual minimalist texts reduce philosophical and linguistic questions to tonal sequences and play with phonetic shifts in meaning. Her performances, exhibitions and sound installations have been shown internationally in galleries and museums, most recently leçon du mot [le son du mot] (with Sebastian Eskildsen, 2018) in the Glyptothek in Copenhagen. Her books have been published in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, Switzerland and Canada, most recently l’usage du mot (2017), sentences and I am very miserable about sentences (2019). She wrote the libretto (Trial&Eros), which will premiere in November 2019, for the opera in Copenhage

Alphabet Readings

Floating Alphabet

Poetry, discourse, boat trip

Jul 12, 2019