Give me the Good Life!

Sophie-Scholl-Schule/ Katja Berls and Aline Reinsbach, filmArche

New Experts! | filmArche: Aline Reinsbach and Katja Berls & Sophie-Scholl-Schule | Her mit dem schönen Leben! | photo: Katja Berls

Traditional interviews, filmed discussions with experts or observations of one's own family: in very different ways, the students grappled with their thoughts and their experiences of displacement, migration and racism in everyday life. In doing so, documentary short films were produced independently by the students from the idea all the way to final editing.

Sophie-Scholl-Schule is an integrated secondary school and German/French Staatliche Europa-Schule in Berlin Schöneberg.

filmArche e.V. Berlin is a self-organized film school, which, since 2003, has offered courses in directing, documentary film direction, montage, camera, screenplay and production, focusing on the practical implementation of film projects.

Katja Berls is a filmmaker. After studying media culture at the University of Hamburg, she studied directing at the filmArche in Berlin. She has realized TV segments for Kurzschluss on Arte and worked as a set recording manager for various television and cinema, documentary and feature films. Apart from her work as a director, she has regularly directed film and photography workshops since 2010.

Aline Reinsbach is a freelance camera operator, filmmaker and lecturer. She studied camera at the filmArche and has been a member of the board since her graduation in 2014.