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Hans-Litten-Schule with SuperFuture

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The students created a photographic inventory on the basis of the architecture of the school building of Hans-Litten-Schule and their immediate surroundings. They documented openings and boundaries, passages and breaks, structures and rules and thus approached the question: What does arriving in a new society mean? The result is an extensive picture mosaic complemented by a soundtrack of reflections by the students.

Hans-Litten-Schule, high school for law and business and German/English Staatliche Europa-Schule in Berlin Charlottenburg.

SuperFuture is a Berlin art laboratory that experimentally investigates the tensions between space, society and psychology with artistic methods. Starting from the assumption of an interrelationship between structure and action, they question urban spaces in their complexity. In multimedia large-scale installations as well as urban interventions, they make changes, conflicts and potentials visible and tangible.