Friedensburg-Schule with Jalal Maghout & Diana Abdulkarim

New Experts! | Jalal Maghout and Diana Abdulkarim & Friedensburg-Oberschule

Home is not necessarily a country; home can also just be a feeling or a place, other people, a city where the future is waiting. Home is something different for everyone. The students experimented with film animations about their very own concept of home. Five films were the result of their joint discussions and teamwork.

Friedensburg-Schule is an integrated secondary school and German/Spanish Staatliche Europa-Schule in Berlin Charlottenburg. With Serafina, Ana G, Erwin, Alaa, Stephan, Asel, Jakob, Luis, Pierre, Maher, Jerónimo, Ali, Leonor, Valeria, Yahea, Matilda, Adieza, Erik, Thierry, Alejandro, Vasko, Erik, Firas, Nicolás, Ana J, Jonathan, Lisbeth, Tizian, Housam, Fahim and others

Jalal Maghout is an independent filmmaker. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Visual Communication at the University of Damascus in 2010. He produced numerous short animation films that ran at festivals around the world. His last animated documentary, Suleima, was shown at festivals such as Dok-Leipzig, Carrefour du cinéma d’Animation-Paris and Animafest Zagreb.

Diana Abdulkarim is a visual artist. In 2012, she completed her Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design in Aleppo and moved to Germany in 2014 to continue her Master’s degree. Currently, Abdulkarim is working on her final film in communication design at the Potsdam University of Applied Sciences. She is also an interpreter and involved in various artistic and social initiatives.