Hopes for the Future

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule mit Aline Bonvin und Almut Wetzstein, filmArche Berlin

New Experts! | filmArche: Aline Amelie Bonvin and Almut Wetzstein & Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule | set rehearsal

Students from the ninth grade and a Welcome Class dealt with migration experiences, for example in their own families. They explored the subject in depth using image analyses, practical photography and film exercises and interviews. They probed the possibilities for social change in a film set exercise. Their documentary and fictional photo and film projects are about displacement and arrival, about ostracism and the desire to have the life of a perfectly normal teenager.

Carl-von-Ossietzky-Schule is an integrated secondary school and German/Turkish Staatliche Europa-Schule in Berlin Kreuzberg.

filmArche e.V. Berlin is a self-organized film school, which, since 2003, has offered courses in directing, documentary film direction, montage, camera, screenplay and production, focusing on the practical implementation of film projects.

Aline Bonvin is a freelance editor for film and video and an instructor. She studied Philosophy, Literature and Cinema Studies in Lausanne and editing at filmArche in Berlin – since 2015 she is a member of their board of directors. She has taken part in independent film and documentary projects in Switzerland, Montreal, and Berlin.

Almut Wetzstein is a camera operator, documentary filmmaker and lecturer for political education and media seminars on topics such as migration and displacement. She studied intercultural education with a focus on cultural studies, migration, art and audiovisual media as well as camera and (documentary) film at the filmArche. As lecturer, she oversaw audiovisual art projects for the Westberlin exhibition of the Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin (2014). She was present at international film festivals with her documentary Kumbia Queers: More louder bitte! (2013).