Nahum is an artist and musician. His work focuses on creating alternative and unconventional perspectives of human experience using outer-space technology, illusionism, and other strategies. He directs space missions for artistic purposes, such as Matters of Gravity (2015), a microgravity project at Star City, Russia. He chairs the International Astronautical Federation’s Committee on the Cultural Utilisations of Space and is the founding director of KOSMICA, a global institute that focuses on the cultural, critical, and artistic aspects of outer-space activities and their impact on Earth. Nahum is a fellow of the National System of Art Creators, National Fund for Culture and Arts in Mexico and a visiting lecturer at the International Space University in France. In 2014, he won the Young Space Leader Award for his cultural contributions to outer-space activities.

1948 Unbound:

1948 Unbound


With Josh Berson, Benjamin Bratton, Seth Bullock, Katrina Burch aka Yoneda Lemma, Luis Campos, Elena Esposito, Alexander R. Galloway, Oscar Guardiola-Rivera, Orit Halpern, Giuseppe Longo, Nahum, Tea Palmelund, Helena Shomar, Inigo Wilkins

visual perfomative experiment

Dec 2, 2017