Partners and Team

Part of 100 Years of Now, supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media due to a ruling of the German Bundestag

Technosphere 2015-19 collaborates with the publishing platform and online journal continent. toward experimental communication of project outputs.

Head of Project: Katrin Klingan
Research Associates: Christoph Rosol, Nick Houde
Curatorial Adviser: Bernard Geoghegan
Dramaturgy and Scenography: Janek Müller
Project Coordination: Anna Sophie Luhn (2015-2016); Johanna Schindler (2017-2019)
Trainee: Mira Witte (2017-2018)

Production Manager: Quirin Wildgen
Production: Claudia Peters (2015-2017)

The Technosphere, Now (2015)
Project Assistance: Marlene Schenk
Project Intern: Volker Bernhard
Production Intern: Sebastian Späth

Technosphere × Knowledge (2016)
Project Assistance: Marlene Schenk

1948 (2017)
Organisation: Liona Neubert
Organisation Assistance: Anna Chwialkowska
Production Assistance: Nadja Hermann
Project Assistance: Sonja Mattes
Project Interns: Anujah Fernando, Ana María Guzmán Olmos, Céline Pilch

Lebensformen (2019)
Department Management: Liona Neubert
Assistant Department Management: Friederike Becker
Production: Nadja Hermann
Research Assistance: Ana Maria Guzmán Olmos
Project Assistance: Anujah Fernando