zeitkratzer was founded in 1999, a European ensemble of soloists and one of a kind worldwide. The nine musicians, the light designer and sound engineer, live in European cities, coming together for working phases, frequently in Berlin. The ensemble is renowned worldwide for its idiosyncratic and ground-breaking programme. Its repertoire covers works and projects from/with musicians such as Karlheinz Stockhausen, Lou Reed, Carsten Nicolai, John Cage, Keiji Haino, Jim O’Rourke, James Tenney, Helmut Oehring, La Monte Young, Merzbow, Alvin Lucier. However, zeitkratzer is not concerned with preserving the “purity” of New Music. zeitkratzer profits from the hybrid backgrounds of its musicians: New or improvised music, experimental Rock and Pop, Noise, Ambient, folk music ... The ensemble performs regularly at renowned festivals from Madrid and London to Vienna. They now have now released over twenty recordings and almost all of the most important European radio stations have recorded and broadcast their concerts. With zeitkratzer records the ensemble also has its own CD label.

100 Years of Now. The Opening

Vaterländische Ouverture [Rekonstruktion]

zeitkratzer with Maximilian Brauer


Sep 30, 2015