Studio Miessen

19 hours at the kiosk

Studio Miessen, Sketch by Yulia Startsev for “19 hours at the kiosk”, 2012, Courtesy Studio Miessen

Thu – Sun 10 – 19 h | Sat until 22 h

From the roof terrace of the HKW there is a view of the Reichstag and the Kanzleramt (Chancellery). These two massive symbols of political power loom up as if they were cruiseliners on the brink of collision. The HKW roof kiosk drifts between them like a life raft. Here Markus Miessen creates an informal place of assembly. The kiosk changes from a hermetic vitrine to a walk-in display case. Around it the rooftop becomes a stage for readings, concerts, talks, film screenings and unexpected interventions; a participative forum in which the ‘public institution’ as such can be examined and updated in respect to its functionality and potential.