Initiative Weltkulturerbe Doppeltes Berlin

The close relationship between architecture and ideology is manifested most clearly in ideologically divided territories. The role of architecture as a projection screen for ideological messages is exemplified by East and West Berlin between 1945 and 1989. In both parts of the city highly symbolic state, residential, and cultural buildings were erected and existing buildings were brought into line with ideology.

The results of this ‘architectural arms race’ can be seen to this day in the doubling of buildings in East and West: two congress halls, two Volksbühnen (People’s Theatres) etc. The Initiative World Cultural Heritage Double Berlin regards this mirrored architecture as unique and proposes a public and open research and collection on the doubled architectures of the once divided city of Berlin, to put ‘Double Berlin’ on UNESCO’s world heritage list. In the framework of the exhibition in September, the collective creates a listing of parallel architectures and initiates an official public request. Everyone is invited to take part in the initiative, to contribute material through the initiative office and the corresponding website and propose further parallel architectures.

From the beginning of "Between Walls and Windows" to 11 November 2012, the initiative is setting up its office, along with an exhibition, in the HKW. On Fridays and Saturdays in September, from 4-6 p.m., visitors may personally get in touch with the imitative, inform themselves about its goals and – above all – get involved themselves. The initiative would be delighted to receive pictures from the proposed buildings’ pasts, including materials from private collections: films, documents, newspaper clippings, any kind of memento, even if it is just your own story about the respective building. Your material can be copied straight away in the office so that you can take it home with you immediately. Of course, you are also welcome to digitize the material yourself and send it to us via the website . Naturally, we will also credit your personal contribution by tagging it with your name.