Mar 16–Apr 27, 2008

RE ASIA - Open House

A programme of art activities

An Open House for all ages, and for Berliners from all over the world with different backgrounds and histories.

The research conducted in the workshops under the heading Berlin Gates to Asia will make one thing absolutely clear: in marked contrast to its self-perception, Europe is, in fact, a peripheral region of Asia, and immigrants from Asia have long since ‘integrated’ their heritage and their culture into this continent. The present projects, primarily designed for young people, aim to take stock of the diverse forms of Asian culture in Berlin, under the guidance of Asian artists living here. A variety of technologies such as installations and videos will be employed, taking everyday activities as their starting point: the martial arts, cooking and cosplay.

In the light of different thematic questions, the Sunday guided tours will view the contemporary art at the exhibition; during the week, classes of schoolchildren will have an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the visual languages, motifs and techniques applied in the Asian arts, which have had a growing influence on youth cultures for several decades now. On public holidays, family afternoons will combine guided tours with creative activities for children.

Young journalists working in a radio team, on the Net, and live, will be reporting on the debate with the new images of Asia, with old and contemporary myths and with Ramayana and the contemporary performance arts.

Conception and organisation: NEXT Interkulturelle Projekte

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