Aug 22–Nov 4, 2007

Open House

Discover New York, see Berlin in a different light

The new House of World Cultures' outreach programme was conceived to arouse public curiosity about the world's cultures. Through special formats it invites young people to participate creatively in House's events and programmes. The outreach programme helps adults, too, to get to the bottom of things cultural. Beginning with the New York programme, it is also engaging new target groups in Berlin with new partnerships and formats. Each of us carries a picture of New York in our mind; how does this change when we actually expose ourselves to images, music, people and ideas from this world metropolis? And what can this, in turn, tell us about Berlin? The New York programme is being celebrated in a HKW premiere: the first performance of the Choir of World Cultures, formed in spring 2007 with the aim of bringing together the voices of diverse nationalities and generations.

Gotham City Radio Project
A number of "young editors" will accompany the programme in the House of World Cultures with interviews, background reports and their own music selection. Their efforts will culminate in the production of three one-hour shows to be heard on FM radio and as podcasts on the iInternet. In four-day workshops journalists will provide participants with the necessary initial instruction.
Live Streams on 25 August 2007, 7 pm, 26 August 2007, 6 pm, and 02 September 2007,
7 pm. more ...

Urban Impressions: New York
Urban intervention by youth and artists

"To change a city, you must first learn to see it," says the motto of the Center of Urban Pedagogy (CUP) in Brooklyn, HKW's partner in this project. Youths from Berlin's Kreuzberg district will take part in a one-week workshop with artists from Berlin and NYC who deal with the perception of and changes in cities. As they develop their own view of urban space, the young people themselves will leave their mark on the city through this artistic intervention.
In cooperation with the Center of Urban Pedagogy (CUP), Brooklyn, with support from the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.

The Making of …
Programme for schools

In presentations at Berlin and Brandenburg schools, curators and musicians from the concert series will convey the excitement of the backstage activities at a music performance. Participating schools will receive reduced-price admission to the concerts in the New York programme.

Guided Tours
The reopening of HKW brings with it an expanded range of guided tours. Every Sunday artists, curators and experts from diverse disciplines will present their own subjective view of the exhibition "New York – States of Mind". In a special offering, children aged six and up will be guided by experienced artists in getting to know selected works through creative methods. There are also programmes specially geared to the 60-plus generation. The first of these is the Summer University of the BERLINER AKADEMIE, allowing seniors to develop their own approach to the exhibition through continuing studies. During the Long Night of the Museums on 25th August, a special programme of guided tours awaits visitors to HKW. Tours for school groups round out the offerings.