Das vermessene Paradies: Positionen zu New York

New York: Das vermessene Paradies

Editors: Bernd M. Scherer, Detlef Diederichsen
Language: German
Softcover, 280 pages
Publisher: Theater der Zeit, 2007
ISBN: 978-3-934344-97-6
Price: € 15

Out of print, possibly available in antiquarian bookshops. Book on zvab.com

The book is a cultural cartography of New York, which traces—in words and pictures—the subtle, invisible currents in the metropolis. It focuses on the subjective point of view, such as Brooklyn from the perspective of writer Jonathan Lethem, and the consequences of 11 September 2001 from that of journalist Adrian Kreye. All genres can be found here: from the photo-essay to the story to the comic. Together, they form a cultural map of the city.