New York – States of Mind

New York - States of Mind

Editor: Shaheen Merali
Softcover, 240 x 170mm
360 pages
Saqi Books, 2007
ISBN: 0863566073
ISBN13: 9780863566073
Price: € 24,80, £ 19,99, $ 29,95

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New York States of Mind addresses the current state of contemporary art and film as explored by artists living and/or working in New York. This vivid collection of artists’ interviews, film synopses and essays investigates how post-war aesthetic developments have influenced contemporary artistic statements.

The films about New York range from silent films on the creation of Manhattan to the current post-9/11 ruminations. Key works by New York greats—from Marcel Duchamp to Martin Scorsese—are interwoven to present, for the first time, a composite picture of the New York contemporary art world.