How to walk from Berlin Central Station to HKW

From Berlin Central Station to HKW, © OpenStreetMap contributors

Leave the central station by heading south through the Washingtonplatz exit. Cross the square, walking straight ahead towards Rahel-Hirsch-Strasse. Cross the street at the traffic light. Then take the little pedestrian bridge (Gustav-Heinemann-Brücke) across the River Spree heading towards the Reichstag. Once across, turn right and below passing through the flower gardens to the footpath along the water (Ludwig-Erhard-Ufer). Follow the pathway along the riverbank (Bettina-von-Arnim-Ufer), running parallel to the grounds of the Federal Chancellery (Bundeskanzleramt). At the end of the grounds, on your left you will see the summer terrace of the Weltwirtschaft, the HKW restaurant. Enter HKW through one of the glass doors.