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Nothing to declare

The second international performance festival IN TRANSIT was held at the House of World Cultures in May and June 2003. The program theme for the year was 'Customs: Nothing to declare'.
As a continuous laboratory IN TRANSIT offers artists from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Arab world, and the Americas a forum for new productions and encounters
In 2003 the festival had been curated by Ong Keng Sen from Singapore in collaboration with Johannes Odenthal from the House of World Cultures. Its themes were gender roles and cultural identity or biography as a mirror of current political events.
IN TRANSIT is being held on an annual basis. The IN TRANSIT curators in 2004/2005 will be Johannes Odenthal together with dancer and choreographer Koffi Kôkô from Benin/France. The preparations for the year 2004 can be followed on the IN TRANSIT website.