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With the DisORIENTation project, the House of World Cultures had provided in March 2003 Germany’s first in-depth introduction to the young Arab art scene in the Middle East. DisORIENTation had attempted to establish a relationship between Berlin/Central Europe and the Arab world and to show the context of artistic output there with all its social and political implications. Of crucial importance here was the setting up of an interdisciplinary laboratory with selected artists from the region, who produced work in Berlin for the project and entered into an exchange with artists and partners from Berlin and the rest of Germany.
DisORIENTation was the result of direct cooperation between experts and cultural institutions in Syria, Palestine and Egypt, and the House of World Cultures in Berlin. The film programme was curated by the documentary film maker Omar Amiralay, Tarek Abou El Fetouh was responsible for the Performing Arts section, and Jack Persekian for the art exhibition.

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