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The Carillon

Carillonist Jeffrey Bossin

Carillon concerts at the House of World Cultures
Outdoor music for free!

Regular concerts: Concerts start at 3 p.m. on Sundays and public holidays, from May through to October (Advent Sundays and Christmas Days 2 p.m.)

The repertoire of carillonist Jeffrey Bossin includes classical pieces and popular songs.

Entrance is free
Programme sheets are available at the tower. The concerts are held in all weathers.

Private and special concerts as well as tours of the tower can be arranged by appointment.
Further information:
Tel: ++ 49 - 30 - 851 28 28

The carillon: A large concert instrument in a black tower next to the House of World Cultures.
With 68 bells and a weight of 48 tonnes, it is one of the largest carillons in the world.


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