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Off the Silk Road
Art and Culture from Central Asia
Culture or Business
post-colonialism, desert, transformation, tradition, beauty, post modernity, nature, myth, modernity, marginalisation, power, emptiness, Islam, identity, borderline experience, globalisation, history, remembrance, movement for democracy, bureaucracy, anxiety
Attempts at Orientation
Artists and Personalities
Symbols of Power

Aktan Abdykalykov, Beshkempir (The Adopted Son)
Dareshan Omirbaev, Killer Omirbaev
Aktan Abdykalykov, Beshkempir (The Adopted Son)
Which are the economic condition artists are facing in Central Asia now?

Text Sven Arnold und Katharina Narbutovic
Invisible Authors
Text Herbert Krill
Endless Land, Small Budgets
Text Herbert Krill
Text Alexander Djumaev
The Legacy of Two Worlds