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Off the Silk Road
Art and Culture from Central Asia
post-colonialism, desert, transformation, tradition, beauty, post modernity, nature, myth, modernity, marginalisation, power, emptiness, Islam, identity, borderline experience, globalisation, history, remembrance, movement for democracy, bureaucracy, anxiety
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Central Asia, 2001 Sabine Vogel
Central Asia 2001 Sabine Vogel
Central Asia Sabine Vogel
What do we know about Central Asia? An editorial by Peter C. Seel and Hans-Georg Knopp. Travel notes from Uzbekistan by Sabine Vogel. And a photographic Essay by Russell Liebman on Kazakhstan today.

Text Peter C. Seel und Hans-Georg Knopp
Off the Silk Road
Text Sabine Vogel
On September 11
Text Russell Liebman
Photo-Series by Russell Liebman