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Far Near Distance
Admission: 13 , concessions 10
perception, transformation
Entfernte Nähe
22 h: Iranian Dance-Floor with DJ Arash Sarhaddi.

Sufi meets Rock. Ten live musicians who master an entire orchestra of instruments: from daf frame drum to the Indian tabla to the electric guitar. Although they are often labelled a fusion band, Rumi's music goes far deeper. The group, who are named after the famous Persian poet and mystic Jalal e-din Rumi, know that the ritual roots of their music are to be found in all cultural circles. Music is sensuous experience; its suggestive rhythms - from western rock chords to Indian Ragas and Persian Dastgah - cast their spell on its listeners. At the Indian Jahan-e Khusrau Festival, which has evolved into one of the most important Sufi music events and encounters in the world over the past few years, the ensemble has played with masters such as Lotfi Bouchnak from Tunisia, Abida Parveen from Pakistan and Shubha Mudgal from India.