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Far Near Distance
Parissa & Dastan Ensemble
Admission: 13 , concessions 10
Entfernte Nähe
Parissa & Dastan Ensemble
Parissa's singing ranges from contemplative phases to moments of extreme urgency. Her intonations of poems by the great mystic poets live from the use of repetition and the steadily rising intensity of her voice. Parissa's invocation of her beloved/God alternates between moments of despair and the highest happiness. The rhythm of the percussion instruments, playfully accompanied by the lute and the flute, heightens her music's emotional quality; the listener ceases to be a passive consumer and actively participates in an experience. Parissa, who was the rising star of classical Persian music in the 1970s, was banned from performing publicly after the revolution and dedicated herself to studying the spiritual sources of her art. Now that women singers can perform again - abroad at least - she can be seen and heard, accompanied by the renowned Dastan Ensemble, on the major stages of Europe, such as the Théâtre de la Ville in Paris and Royal Festival Hall in London.