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Far Near Distance
The Night it Rained
+ And Along Came a Spider
Double Feature
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
Entfernte Nähe
Kamran Shirdel
Iran 1967/1979, 35 min., 35 mm, Engl. subtitles
+ Maziar Bahari
Iran 2002, 53 min., Betacam, Engl. subtitles

The Night it Rained: A newspaper carries a report about a boy who has prevented a train accident. He is made into a hero. The railway company denies that the incident ever happened. Shirdel paints a picture of a society in which it is no longer possible to distinguish between truth, rumours and lies.

And Along Came a Spider: A shocking film about a murderer who believes he is living in accord with the teachings of Islam. His victims were prostitutes and drugs criminals. After he is arrested, he maintains that he has received divine consent for his actions. His family and many of his neighbours agree with him.