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Far Near Distance
Marjan Shirmohammadi, Tehran
Admission: 4 , concessions 2,50
marginalisation, poverty, urbanity
Entfernte Nähe
Marjan Shirmohammadi sees life in a poor city district through the eyes of 15-year-old Abbas. An old caravanserai is transformed into a film set. The boy secretly observes the film being made. The film world, which Abbas finds as alien as he does glamorous, soon becomes a welcome escape from his bleak, violent home.
Thirty-year-old Marjan Shimohammadi narrates her stories in a clear and plain language. They capture the feeling for life among the Iranian middle class, and often depict people facing critical changes in their lives. Her simple, sensitive stories portray an atmosphere imbued with loneliness, as well as fear of the unknown and the new.
Shimohammadi, who has also enjoyed success as an actress and theatre-maker in Iran, was awarded the Golschiri Foundation prize for the best debut author in the short-story category in 2002.

Marjan Shirmohammadi was born in 1973. She began her artistic career as a painter. In Iran, however, she is best known for her appearances in countless cinema films and television series. Since 1996, she has also worked as a theatre director. After directing several plays, she published a volume of short stories "ba’d az âshab" (After that Night) in 2002. The same year she was awarded the prize for the best first work in the “Short Story” category by the renowned Golschiri Foundation. Shirmohammadi lives in Tehran.

ba’d az âshab (After that Night), stories, 2002