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Far Near Distance
Admission: 13 , concessions 10
Entfernte Nähe
Rhythms charged with energy that create images of riding across the steppes before the eyes of the listeners. These rhythms are followed by contemplative love songs that reflect the world-weariness of a divided people. Kamkars have succeeded in introducing a new sound into the music of the Kurds living in Iran and elsewhere. The seven Kamkar brothers and their sister are virtuosos on their instruments: from the santur (a kind of zither), which has always been regarded more as a solo instrument, to the daf frame drum. Performed by an expert - Bijan Kamkar - the drum develops the tonal spectrum and power of an entire drum set.
Kurdish music based on two fundamental forms: the "Maqamat", melodic structures on which the interpreter freely improvises, and the "Gourani", which are spiritual in origin and go back to Zoroastrian fire-worship rituals. The Kamkars also master classical Persian music. In combining these elements they built a musical bridge between meditative-nostalgic melancholia and vibrant physicality. In the process, they have gained an international reputation and are working together successfully with composer Michael Nyman and his band.