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Asia, Europe
Far Near Distance
Like a Fata Morgana
Free admission
23.04.2004 - 19.06.2004
Entfernte Nähe
"Wie eine Fata Morgana"
An Installation by Setareh Shahbazi and Roseline Rannoch

This particular artistic commentary on "transcultural" exhibition practice proceeds from the basic idea behind FAR NEAR DISTANCE: the oppositional movement of centrifugal forces as they pull together and concentrate on an empty central point on the one hand, and decidedly move away from the centre on the other. The artists involved will engage critically and ironically in a dialogue with such concepts as Diaspora, regionalism, cultural symbolism, cultural heritage and individual biography. Far from home, the artists fall back on their "common heritage". In so doing, they accumulate symbols, images, quotations and products as the characteristic elements of a specific cultural landscape and use them to create a frame through which symbols can be studied. In the process, the participants will examine the degree to which a work of art changes when the frames are changed or even taken away.

Conception: Tirdad Zolghadr