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Explosive Arab HipHop
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language, pop-culture, rebellion
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Wael Kodeih, Aksser
Aks'ser means "wrong direction, no thoroughfare", a consciously provocative name. The two rappers from Beirut have no desire to be nice guys; they want to hold up the mirror to a society marked by a civil war with which no one has come to terms. They had to produce their first CD themselves because the labels thought there was no market for Arab rap. 2,000 CDs were sold anyway, an impressive achievement. By now the two are established musicians, but they have by no means abandoned their critical position. Their latest single is called "Khartouch", bullet. The video - which can be viewed online at - shows a "micro-gun", a gun with a microphone at the end of the barrel. The portraits of the two boast targets on their chests - open season on the musicians at the click of the mouse. This vividly expresses their attitude ... "Aks'ser don't mince their words; they try successfully to circumvent the all-powerful censors, much to the delight of their audience and their generation, whose anger and hopes are crystallized in their texts."

Contact: Noureddine Ben Redjeb

Audio Song: "Khartouch" vom Album "Khartouch"