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performing arts
10/20 irrelevant
Lab Production by Abla Khoury
Admission: 5 Euro
(together with Egyptian Hostess Soap Opera)
12.04.2003 - 13.04.2003
multi-culturalism, sexuality, subculture, urbanity
Abla Khoury
Three videos play simultaneously on three different screens. They show three Lebanese men living in New York and their "American dreams": the dream of life as a star on Broadway, of sexual freedom at Christopher Street Day and of a career as a businessman on Wall Street. A Lebanese woman from Beirut, in New York for a visit, captures the lives of these three people with her hand-held camera. As the narrator, she stands onstage and describes the unfilmed details between the pictures: "See New York, hear Beirut. Are these actors playing a role, or are they people from real life? Is it reality or simulated reality, image or generated image. The distinction between the narrator, filmmaker and actress playing a role is dissolved." Abla Khoury

A production by Ashkal Alwan, Beirut.

Contact: Johannes Odenthal