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The Red Chewing Gum and other films
Film Portrait Akram Zaatari
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
Still from "Crazy of you" by Akram Zaatari
The Red Chewing Gum
Lebanon 2000, Beta SP, 10 min., Engl. subtitles
and the short films Teach Me, The Candidat, How I Love You, and Crazy of You

“I cannot suppress the desire to view my work as an expanding archive, as ongoing research which is partly presented in concrete works and partly goes on taking effect latently and waiting for its concrete manifestation.”
Akram Zaatari

In "The Red Chewing Gum" a man recalls an incident 15 years in the past: in an alley, two passers-by watched a street vendor shove a piece of chewing gum into his mouth. One of the pieces of chewing gum sticks in the author’s memory because of its colour ...
A visual essay on adult sexuality in times of shifting cultural standards.

Contact: Doris Hegner