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The Still-Promised Land
Young Arab Cinema
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
News Time
Azza Al Hassan
Palestine 2000
52 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

This is not Living
Alia Arasoughly
Palestine / USA 2001
42 Min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

"This Is Not Living" portrays eight Palestinian women from a variety of social and religious backgrounds. The film tries to ascertain how women experience war and how they picture peace.
"News Time": “Now is not the time for films, now is the time for news,” the director hears over and over again as she seeks camera men and sound technicians for her new film. By juxtaposing pictures of everyday life in Ramallah with news clips from what is probably the most-filmed crisis in the world, she calls into question the mechanism of this conflict.

Contact: Doris Hegner