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The Still-Promised Land
Young Arab Cinema
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
identity, remembrance, violence
So Near, Yet so Far
Eliane Raheb
Lebanon 2000
59 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

Light at the End of the Tunnel
Sobhi al-Zobaidi
Lebanon 2000
47 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

"So Near, Yet so Far": In October 2000 Al Durra Mohamad dies in his father's arms in Israeli cross-fire. Millions of people in the Arab world watched the death of this Palestinian child; it had an especially strong effect on children, who give expression to their anger in extraordinary ways.
"Light at the End of the Tunnel" describes the problems involved in reintegrating Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli prisoners. They have considerable difficulties dealing with traumatic memories and family tensions.

Contact: Doris Hegner