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Africa, Asia
Egypt, Lebanon
Phantom Cities
Young Arab Cinema
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
combinaton-ticket for all Young Arab Cinema films at this day: 10 Euro, concessions 6 Euro
history, metropolises, urbanity
"100% Asphalte" by Carol Mansour Naji Zahar
This is not Beyrouth
R: Jayce Salloum
Lebanon 1994
49 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

100% Asphalt
R: Carol Mansour
Lebanon / Egypt 2002
27 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

Images of Water
R: Hala Lutfi
Egypt 2001
20 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

Roads Full of Apricots
R: Nigol Bezjian
Lebanon 2001
35 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

R: Roy Samara
Lebanon 2002
17 min., Beta SP, Engl. subtitles

Cairo and Beirut are the focus of this compilation of short films. The Lebanese filmmakers set out in search of Beirut as it once was and perhaps could be again, in the process inventing images of a metropolis. Cairo, at least in Carol Mansour's "100% Asphalt", is a city of dangers and excesses for "children who aren';t children anymore". They live on the streets, exposed to drugs, noise and violence, lonely and always on the run ...

Roy Samaha will be present at the screening.

Contact: Doris Hegner