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Trek through Egypt
Admission: 13 Euro, concessions 10 Euro
11.04.2003 - 12.04.2003
communication, tradition, transformation
Bassam Wadia, Backroom
The tenth edition of the Back Room combines the sounds of Egypt – Arab and Nubian – with contemporary Western music. This project was initiated by the theater-maker Tarek Abou El Fetouh from Cairo, the curator of the DisORIENTation performance program. In a special casting call, he selected young talents involved with classical Egyptian music, including the singers Leila Sami and Salib Fawzy as well as Bassem Wadia. They have a particular foible for the music of the sixties – a nostalgic trip back to better times. In a workshop in El-Minya, Upper Egypt, headed by Back Room mentor and jazz guitarist Jean Paul Bourelly, the musicians will meet world music greats such as the bassist B.B. Hammond, who used to play in Cairo with Ali Hassan Kuban, the doyen of Nubian music, and the drummer Félix Sabal Lecco from Paris. The instrumentation ranges from the accordion to the Rabab and the Oud. Moreover, percussion instruments – at which Egyptians are undisputed masters – play a central role. The results are unforeseeable, but it is already clear that they will be extraordinary.

Contact: Noureddine Ben Redjeb