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performing arts
Shutter Speed
Labproduktion with Omar Rajeh, Nermine Hamam and Bassem Adly
Admission: 5 Euro
ambivalence, perception, post modernity
This play takes its inspiration from the self-portraits of the famous Egyptian photographer Van Leo. Renowned for his glamour portraits of Egyptian stars in the middle of the last century, Van Leo always took photos of himself on the side, pushing the person behind the camera to the fore – in lurid makeup. Together with the artist Nermine Hamam and the dancer Bassem Adly, Lebanese choreographer Omar Rajeh has developed a work at the point of intersection between performance, dance and visual arts. The focus is on concepts of male sexuality which the portraits simultaneously record and shatter. Bassem Adly, a master of the traditional stick fight dance, will perform to the accompaniment of electronic music and the extremely high tones of the Egyptian Mismon. Male behaviour is exoticized and thus deconstructed.
A production commissioned by the HKW and the Young Arab Theatre Fund.

Contact: Johannes Odenthal