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Plan B - Projects in Beirut
Bernard Khoury Architects
Free admission
26.04.2003 - 28.05.2003
catastrophe, civil war, violence
Restaurant Central, Bernard Khoury
at Galerie Aedes West, (near Savignyplatz) S-Bahnbögen 600-601

The focus of the exhibit is contemporary architecture in Beirut: "Post-war Beirut", says Bernard Khoury, "is a hyper-contemporary version of a capitalist city in a state of anarchy, a fascinating and horrifying product of Western influences gone out of control." The exhibit portrays the city through selected fragments and important evidence of its day-to-day existence. This shows the architectural projects as byproducts of the urban landscape from which they draw their existence. The focus is on buildings which are used for entertainment purposes and for that very reason describe a cross-section of the population in telling negation. They were built in the last three years in "strategic" locations - a former Palestinian refugee camp or the infamous "Green Line" between the warring parties in the civil war. Thus, remnants of the war and former places of despair imposingly set the scene for entertaining society.

On April 30 the architects Eduard Kögel and Jasmine Benhadj Djilali will give a tour through the exhibit.

Contact: Michael Thoss

Text Johannes Odenthal