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Film Portrait Oussama Mohammad
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
family, loneliness, love, power
"Sacrifices" by Oussama Mohammad
with short film:
Today Every Day
Syrien 1981
13 min., Engl. subtitles

Syria/France 2002
113 min., Engl. subtitles

"I am interested in the consequences of power. When one of us is given power over another person, it destroys something in the other person and in our self. Power is the most absolute form of violence. This is visible even in simple family structures." Oussama Mohammad

"Sacrifices", shown at Cannes in 2002, describes a family that has been torn apart and suffers from the separation. The head of the family is dying. He wants to pass along his name, and thus his power, to one of his three newborn grandchildren, but he is unable to recognize any of them before he dies. Each of the three nameless cousins must find his own way to survive and find redemption: the first through reserve and submissiveness, the second through love and the third through power, violence and cruelty.

Contact: Doris Hegner