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Children of Shatila
and Frontiers of Dreams and Fears
Film Portrait Mai Masri
Admission: 5 Euro, concessions 3 Euro
children, exile, history
Mai Masri
In "Frontiers of Dreams and Fears" Mai Masri explores the lives of Palestinian children growing up in two different Palestinian refugee camps. The film concentrates on the girls Mona and Manar, who manage, despite the apparently insurmountable borders, to communicate with one another and become friends. Without the slightest pathos, Masri describes their lives, their growing friendship and their dramatic encounter at the barbed-wire fence that marks the Israeli-Lebanese border. When the Intifada breaks out around them, the two girls are suddenly confronted with tragic changes. Mai Masri’s latest film was inspired by her desire to meet once more with the children she had portrayed three years before in her film "Children of Shatila". “I wanted to make a second film to see how their lives had changed and what had happened to their dreams,” says Masri.

Contact: Doris Hegner

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