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performing arts
Irruptions of the Real:
2 Videos an 1 Performance by Jalal Toufic
Videos: This Blood Spilled in my Veins (32 min., 2002), Saving Face (9 min., 2003)
Lecture: Backing Mortals' Proper Names
Free admission
communication, perception, post modernity
"The Sleep Of Reason", Video/ Lecture by Jalal Toufic
The organic dying of a (resurrectable) human is as nothing compared to that of an animal, exemplarily of a bull in a corrida; the only phenomenon that equals in intensity the death of a bull in a corrida or of a cow in a slaughterhouse is the resurrection of a human, Lazarus coming out from the grave. The living woman in T. S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock is found settling her pillow to sleep when she encounters the undead. Why are you settling the pillow, why are you so sleepy? What disclosure are you thus trying to elude? “Tell you all,” Lazarus says in Eliot’s poem, and would that “all” not also include himself? Did Lazarus come back to tell himself about death? And did he find himself sleeping then? Jalal Toufic

Contact: Johannes Odenthal