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performing arts
Egyptian Hostess Soap Opera
Lab Production by Sherif El-Azma
Admission: 5 Euro (together with 10/20 irrelevant)
12.04.2003 - 13.04.2003
everyday life, perception, post modernity
With: Thomas Jeker (Bass), Gerard Sharhadian (DJ Haze), Donia Masoud (Voice)

El-Azma’s work takes the everyday life of Egyptian stewardesses and combines it with the fictionalised world of television. Three parallel video sequences mirror different levels of reality: the first one shows quotes from correspondence with stewardesses, the second shows conversations which the video artist conducted with his actors – interviewing them once in their role and once as “real” people. Finally, the third video shows the “soap opera” plot of a flight in which a stewardess is shaken out of her routine by a nosebleed and is suddenly dependent on the people around her. A puzzle game with cultural patterns of perception which unmasks the unreality of today’s medialised society.
In cooperation with the Young Arab Theatre Fund and Ashkal Alwat, Beirut.

Contact: Johannes Odenthal