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A Season Outside + The Wound/Zakhm
D: Amar Kanwar + Mahesh Bhatt
Admission: 5 , concessions 3
for both films
border, violence
India 1998, 30 min., Engl. OV, Documentary
India 1998, 123 Min., Hindi with Engl. subtitles, Bombay/Mumbai mainstream

"A Season Outside" is a personal and philosophical journey through the shadows of past generations, conflicting positions, borders and time zones. There is, perhaps, no border outpost in the world quite like Wagah, where this film begins its exploration about conflict, violence and non violence. An outpost where everyday, divided people are drawn to a thin white line, a fait accompli bequeathed to them by history. Those who remember Checkpoint Charlie might be able to relate to ...
(after the screening discussion with the director)

"Zakhm" is set against the backdrop of the 1993 communal riots in Bombay. It is about an unnamed Muslim woman (Pooja Bhatt) who has had two children by a film-maker (Nagarjuna). She keeps hoping her man will marry her, but he ties the knot with another because his mother would never tolerate a union with a Muslim. Later, she is burnt alive by a Muslim mob. The dying woman has one last wish, that she be buried according to Muslim rites since that is the only way she can attain heaven.